Good benefits of cassia cinnamon

Vietnamese cassia (has another names are Saigon cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, cassia cinnamon) is a close relative to Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon has strongest flavor, most spicy than other type of cinnamon, sweet flavor and highest oil content.

Cassia cinnamon is used as a flavoring agent for confectionery, desserts, pastries, and meat; it is specified in many curry recipes.

The honey and cinnamon support a variety of complaints, such as arthritis, hair loss, bladder infections, toothache, cholesterol, colds, infertility, upset stomach, indigestion, heart disease, immune system problem, influenza, aging, acne, skin infections, overweight, cancer, fatigue, bad breath, hearing loss, high blood pressure, sore throat, influenza, etc. And its pharmacology has already offered a range of solid supports to such a claim.

Modern pharmacological actions of cinnamon stick
– It can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, enhance coronary and cerebral blood flow, and decrease the vascular resistance;
– In vitro, its methanol extract and cinnamaldehyde can inhibit platelet aggregation and inactivate several enzymes of the coagulation system;
– Cinnamon oil, cinnamaldehyde, and sodium cinnamate have sedative, analgesic, antipyretic, anticonvulsant and other effects;
– Cinnamon bark oil can promote bowel movements, increase the gastrointestinal secretion, enhance digestive function, eliminate gas in the digestive tract, relieve spasmodic pains in gastrointestinal region, and cause uterine congestion;

– Its water extract and ether extract have kind of inhibition on the formation of experimental gastric ulcer in animals;
– Cinnamic acid can reverse lung adenocarcinoma cell;
– Its ether, alcohol and water extracts have some certain inhibition on a variety of pathogenic fungi.