About us


Al Sole Spices is a company dedicated to export spices and herbs from Vietnam and was founded in 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The company started operating in the local market but the good quality of products and more ten years of experience in export and import food and none-food products from Vietnam. The quality of our products, the support to our clients and post-selling service drove a fast growth of Al Sole Spices.


Our vision is to be on the top 5 of our segment, offering good quality of products and maintaining durable relationships over time.


To provide food products with a good quality from Vietnam to any customer in any country in the world ensuring the delivery and quality required.


Integrity and Hard-work: To work with unyielding Integrity, Perseverance and straight-forwardness

Commitment: To understand that accountability and commitment to be decisive of performance

Appreciation: To encourage knowledge-sharing and to reward and celebrate achievements

Flexibility: To be open to changes and adapt ourselves to changing scenarios and be prepared at all times

Safety: To put Safety first at all times within and outside the Organization


Our main products are cassia (cinnamon), star aniseed, desiccated coconut, black pepper, green coffee bean, whole spices and herbs.

We are expanding more products in fresh fruits, natural essential oils (extract from many kind Vietnamese herbs) and distributing as wholesaler in FMCG


With long and strong relationship with big processors and many local suppliers, we can guarantee to provide stable quantity regularly with large capacity.

Besides, our team includes key people who have good knowledge and skill in Supply Chain Management, sourcing management and Quality management, they have minimum ten experience years in their field, so that we proud of that we could bring competitive price, safety in contract, correct quality and good service to our customers.

We are being developed base on the reputation of unwavering quality and good record by international customers.