The different varieties of mango in Peru has big volume for exporting

Peru is one of the countries with the 6th largest mango export volume in the world, approximately equal to Thailand.

In total there are over 6, 7 different mango varieties in Peru, but the varieties that can be exported in large quantities, the most prominent are Kent mangoes, Edward mangoes, Haden mangoes.

So what are the different characteristics of these types? How to distinguish?

1 / Kent mango:
– Good sugar content, low fiber content, delicious. Kent mango is also known as “apple mango”
– The mango meat is thick and juicy, tasty. Weight of each whole mango will be from 350grams to 670grams
– The skin is also relatively thick, so that it can control the ripeness by some technical methods, can extend the ripening time from 35-45 days. So Kent mangoes make up more than 80% of Peru’s export


2 / Mango Edward:
– This mango has an outstanding taste, superior aroma, extremely little fiber, small seeds
– Weight of each whole mango from 400gram to nearly 700gram
– Weakness of Edward mango is the relatively thin skin, so it is difficult to handle the technique of extending the ripening time, this mango ripens very quickly so it is only suitable for export by air.

3 / Mango Haden:
– Extremely aromatic flavor, mangoes are small and round in size.
– More fiber than 2 varieties Edward and Kent
– Advantages of Haden mango are extremely eye-catching colors, beautiful.


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